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Version  2.0

Language: English

Area of Focus: Fitness/Muscle Mass Hypertrophy, for Women.

Cardio: Built-In, Minimal cardio

Training Frequency: ALWAYS 4 times a week

Experience Level: Levels 6-12:

Plateau Level: Adjustable


General Description:

This Workout Program is meant for Muscle Mass/Hypertrophy Training. You will input your physique info, your desired volumes, you test your strength levels and input them as well, and based on all the information that you have input into the program, it will create a unique program for 8 weeks, targeted specifically for your physique and abilities, and how hard you want to train. The program is electronic, usable via cellphone. No paper or book keeping required. Weights and progression is generated automatically based on your personal abilities.


Main Focus: Strength/Power in several exercises/movements, such as Bench Press and Squat etc.


The structure of this overload system is based on my decades of gym training experience, research study and practical testing by running pilot programs in real life. This is how better performance is achieved. 


For detailed video of the program description and how to use it, click this video link


This program is NOT suitable for beginners. This program requires at least 1 year of training.


Program is available in excel format ".xlsx" and it is recommended that you save it in your google drive, of where it is easy to access with your mobile phone at gym, by using "Google Sheets" program. The program includes a lot of formulae and calculations. Do NOT edit any of the formulas. Just input the values the PURPLE FIELDS, programs asks from you.

Training Master: Fitness Women 4x week English V2.01

89,00 €Hinta
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