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Version 1.0

Language: English

Area of Focus: Strength/Hypertrophy(Muscle) for women

Cardio: Built-In, Basic Cardio(15 min a week)

Training Frequency: 2-3 times a week

Experience Level: Basic Training Phase 1 (Level 3)

Plateau Level: All, Does not matter in Basic level.

General Description:

This Workout Program is meant for women, who have short experience of doing training/workouts at gym, with resistance/weights, but has learned some techniques with free weights.

Program will be executed mostly on free weights, but some of the workouts use machines. Program includes video instructions on how to perform each exercise.

Important: Safety, Basic level training.


Recommendations: Visit gym 3 times a week, For example monday, wednesday and friday, having at least one day off, between each exercise. 

This program is optimal after 3-6 months from the very beginning of your gym journey, and to be used for 2-3 months. After which you are ready to move to the next phase, but it is good program, even after that.


Under guidance of a Personal Trainer, next phase can be achieved sooner.

Program is in excel format ".xlsx" and it is recommended to save it in your google drive, of where it is easy to access with your phone, and also easy to print out, for book keeping, using pen and paper method.


Program has built-in fields for book keeping, when printing it out.

Recommendation is to print out in 2-sided, as the programs have more than one type of training days.

Phase 3 Women Basic Training Split 1 English V1.0

30,00 € Normaali hinta
24,00 €Alehinta
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