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Fitness Training


Strength, Size, Cardio, All of it?

I started lifting weights in 1986, when I was 15 years old. In the beginning I knew very little of what was effective. There was Arnold's Golden Six, and that was pretty much it. Over the years I studied ways to improve and find more and more effective ways to build muscle. I did exercises that were not that good, and I did a lot of damage to my shoulders, by doing things wrong. I could not sleep on my right shoulder for 15 years. It forced me to find better techniques, and better ways to keep my joints safe. By learning and changing my training methods, I managed to get my shoulder better after many years. At that time my focus was fully on Bodybuilding, because I had trouble lifting extremely heavy weights, due to shoulder problems. That did not prevent me to focus on bodybuilding though. Later on, when my shoulder got better, I once again focused more on strength training and found new ways to get stronger. I also started combat sports, which required good speed, mobility, balance and strength, all at the same time, which forced me to find different ways to train. All this knowledge now helps me to create training programs for different kind of people, with different needs. I have tools for what ever area is it that you want to improve. I can help you reach your goals, in effective and at the same time, safe way.

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