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Changing your life for the better.

Maybe you are elder...

...and not sure how to train safely.

I use only safe methods in training. Every day I see people training at gym, using techniques, that cause injuries in the long term. They do it, because "everyone does those". This is the most common mistake people do. They think that getting healthier, is to go gym and "do what others do".

That is not good and safe way to do things.

Before you even touch any weights, you should have basic health in good level. There are many methods how to do that, and we can discuss and customize specific ways to do that. I will listen to your needs and what kind of things you want to do, then I will make sure that we can proceed in a safe way. "Gladly", I am already 50 years old, so I have some knowledge how elder people have to make more "compromises" with training, compared to young people. But I have even more good news. While most elder people think that "they are too old" to do "hard things". It is surprising how healthy and strong elder people can be, if training in healthy and safe way. You just have to start very slowly and focus more on the basic functions and movement, before focusing on actual strength. Usually with elder people we start by strengthening mobility and stability of their kinetic chain. Fortifying the body, before implementing more stress. In order to avoid injuries, it is essential to have stronger structure, before stressing it. Our main objective, is to keep you safe, and improve your health, rather than risk it.

Maybe you are new to exercise...

...and you don't know how to do things effectively. Beginner training does not mean ineffective training. It only means that we have to learn the basics of how to improve. You can not start doing the same athletic things that experienced are doing. Your body is not ready for it, and simply can not handle it. Your joints and muscles are not strong enough. First thing the beginners do, is make their body stronger, specially joints. Improve your balance. Slowly build up cardio. You can not throw a Ferrari engine into small Fiat and expect it to work the same way. All the pro athletes started from zero, and had to make themselves stronger and healthier first, before becoming competitive athlete. It doesn't mean that you can not have quick results.

First you need to learn correct techniques, before focusing on power.

Maybe you are already active...

...and you think that you know everything, because you watched youtube and maybe even trained for a year or two. So you might think that you don't need personal trainer.

If I would be young man now and I decided to start training, I would hire personal trainer right away, just to avoid all those mistakes I did back then. If you go and start training on your own, without guidance, then by the time you realize you should of hired PT, you are already old and the damage is already done. All that lost stuff in your joints will never grow back. That broken back or knee will never be the way it was.

I have bad news. Majority of the youtube videos actually show very bad techniques.

You can not trust in workout videos of random people. Even very experienced ones do some stuff often, in a way that causes unnecessary damage to your body.

In fact, the people who have most subscribers are usually the worst, because the reason they have most subcribers, is not because they have knowledge, but because they look attractive. Unfortunately that is how the world works.

Did you know that even Arnold Schwarzenegger did some workouts, that are nowadays considered a big "no no". Stuff that ruin your joints.

You don't have to do techniques that ruin anything. There are countless exercises, that can do the same thing, but in a safe way.

With beginners we first learn technique, and prepare your body to more advanced workouts. We do it the safe way. Then only afterwards focus more on perfecting the effectiveness of your gains.

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