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I am personally in all of the photos. Photos are not copies of someone else training. They are also not modified or somehow photoshopped, but authetically show how I did my own training/competing

Performance and Combat Sports


If you want Performance OR to make it more interesting, by implementing Combat Sports and/or Self Defense into your normal training program, this is the place for you.

I have trained all the following arts for many years: Thaiboxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Submission Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. On top of that I am security officer and have good knowledge of what to do in self defense situations. In these arts you can learn to respect other human beings, humility and you can make yourself stronger person mentally and physically. Learn to defend yourself. We have no egos, or judging here. We don't want to hurt each other in training. We only want to better ourselves and become stronger human beings.


Thaiboxing, also known as Muay Thai, is "The art of 8 limbs". It is originating from Thailand and is a fighting sport, where we fight in the ring, using hands, elbows, knees and feet. How ever, learning the art does not mean you have to fight in the ring. You can just learn the art, without ever competing. That also applies to all the arts below. Thaiboxing also includes a lot of conditioning and making your body strong.

My Experience:

I have trained in Kotka ThaiBoxing Club for many years. I have also trained over several years in Thailand, mostly in Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, but also in Phuket Top Team and Dragon Muay Thai. I have also been coaching in Thaiboxing. I am also trained scoring coach in Thaiboxing and have been scoring judge in the official matches.

Training Thaiboxing in Dragon Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand



Kickboxing is very similar to Thaiboxing, but in Kickboxing elbows are not allowed, and in general it is considered more mobile style, which is very suitable for Mixed Martial Arts. There are many differences between Thaiboxing and Kickboxing, like scoring, but those are the main ones.

My Experience:

I have trained kickboxing also in places mentioned above, as well as been coaching kickboxing, as well as competed in kickboxing.

Training Dutch Kickboxing, in Phuket Top Team, Phuket, Thailand


Brazilian Jiujitsu:

Brazilian Jiujitsu(BJJ) originates from Judo, when it was taken on by Brazilians and they added ground fighting, with submissions. You start matches standing, you are suppose to take the opponent to the ground and submit them with joint locks and chokes. Hitting and kicking is not allowed. This is done with a "Gi", which is a "judo suit".

My Experience:

I have trained Brazilian Jiujitsu mostly in MMA Kotka. Some training in 10th planet Tampere, some in Tiger Muay Thai and Phuket top team in Thailand, as well as Ronin BJJ in Hanoi, Vietnam. I have competed in numerous occasions in national competition level and received many medals of all colors. I have also been coaching in MMA Kotka for many years. 

Teaching BJJ class in Hanoi, Vietnam


Submission Wrestling:

Brazilian Jiujitsu(BJJ) and Submission Wrestling go very hand in hand, but just for extra mention, it is done without a Gi(judo suit) and with slightly different ruleset. Also, in Submission Wrestling I have competed in several Tournaments in Finland and Thailand, and have been coaching as well.

- Siam Subseries Tournament in Thailand

Siam Subseries Tournament in Phuket, Thailand.


Mixed Martial Arts:

MMA is basically the mix of all of the above, with some additions, like wallfighting, ground and pound etc. This is ideal art for selfdefense. I have trained this as well in MMA Kotka.

Self Defense:

MMA is very close to self defense. But MMA related skills are option only when the worst case scenario happens. Self defense has a lot more to it, than just fighting. It is also prevention, avoidance and psychological skill.

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